"Chippewa"Turquoise Feather Necklace

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"Chippewa"Turquoise Feather Necklace

The Ojibwe/Chippewa people believe that the dream catcher’s web will trap bad dreams or dark spirits, thereby allowing the good dreams to escape through a small hole in the center and enter the child’s dream. 

Beyond the protection and enhancement of children’s dreams, dream catchers were believed to have worked equally as effective for adults and families.  Many Ojibwe lodges had a dream catcher hanging above the family’s sleeping area in order to filter bad spirits from all of their dreams. 


The Necklace Parts Meaning:

  • Hoop:  The wooden hoop was either circular or teardrop shaped.  It served primarily as a frame for the web, but some believe it represents the circle of life.

  • Web:  The web, traditionally patterned after a spider’s web, was to catch bad dreams (good for Lakota) and keep them from entering the dreamer’s head.

  • Feathers:  Numerous purposes are assigned to feathers that hang from the hoop.  Many believe they provide a soft ladder for the good dream to glide down and gently enter into the dreamer’s mind.



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