4 Useful Kitchen Gadgets Under $24

4 Useful Kitchen Gadgets Under $24

Knowing what to buy for your kitchen upgrade can be a challenge. We've simplified your process. These 4 useful kitchen gadgets will spark up a conversation for sure. If you are a party planner or a midnight canner. These tools can make your daily choirs a synch. 

1.Handheld Banana Slicer

Typically advertised as a banana slicer. This trending kitchen gadget can also be used to cut cucumbers and various other foods. A nice treat for that afternoon party snack. 

banana slicer also good for cucumber.

More info: $9.95 Get yours -> HERE

2. Spiral Potato Delight

Spiral me pretty. This amazing device is a must have. Just think about the potential. When your next guest comes over, offer them something they will remember. Now you can enjoy a bit of luxury, just make sure you put it away before your guests know your secret. 

spiral potato cutter

More info: $23.99 SLICE IT AND DICE IT -> HERE

3. Stainless Steel Watermelon Slicer

Now you can have your watermelon and slice it too.  You can now be the person who everyone talks about that didn't hack up the watermelon. It's the next best thing for every kitchen.  

watermelon slicer with built in tongs

More info: $7.99 What A Deal -> HERE

4. Smart Chopper

These generously designedsimple and durable. Cold and heat resistant, multifunctional kitchen scissors these are difficult to fine

food cutting sheers

More info: $23.04 PRICED TO SELL -> HERE


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